What to do in case of TRANSPORTATION claim?



  • Claim to the line carrier
  • Copies of the policy and relation of shipments
  • Claim letter to the Insured Company where you describe the facts and damages and the approximately amount to claim.

    *Name of the insured and number of the policy
    *Date and Time of accident
    *How the accident occurred
    *Affected goods and the amount damage property
  • Copy of the police report with ratification.
  • Guides shipment overseas and / or in the country
  • Original of the constancy of discharge from transport.
  • Original cover letter.
  • Invoice of goods.
  • Motion to export or import.
  1. - Effective Official ID (address, photograph and signature).
  2. - RFC and / or CURP.
  3. - Proof of address (where the declared home does not match the ID).
  4. - Customer Identification Form for Individuals.

  1. Testimony or certified copy of the articles of incorporation duly registered.
  2. Fiscal identification card issued by the SHCP.
  3. Proof of address
  4. Testimony or simple copy of the instrument containing the powers of the representative or representatives when they are not contained in the articles of incorporation, as well as the official identification.
  5. In the case of recent constitution Legal Persons who are not registered in the RPPC, must deliver a letter signed by the (s) of person (s) legally entitled and which certify their identity in which declare that the registration will take place respectively, given this information to the insurer at the time.
  6. - Customer identification form for corporations.

  1. original passport and / or documentation of their legal stay in the country as well as data from their home in their country of origin and the home where they can be placed while in the country.
  2. In case of be resident, proof of address and Tax Identification Card.
  3. Identification of the client format for foreign individuals.

  1. Legalized or apostilled copy of the legal document that proves its existence. As well as certifying to his representative, and in case of also be foreign shall present the documents indicated for foreign individuals.
  2. Identification of the client format for foreign legal persons.


Downloadable format.

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