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Where to report a loss or accident.


SkyMed provides the peace of mind that if you or your loved ones are ever hurt while traveling we will provide emergency transportation to your local hospital and medical care providers.

Many plans sold as "emergency travel" insurance merely provide transport to the closest "appropriate" hospital. The closest "appropriate" hospital can be thousands of miles from home! Travelers who suffer serious medical problems can be left stranded by the very "emergency travel" insurance they relied upon for protection. In many cases, the "appropriate" hospital may even be outside of the country covered by the traveler's medical insurance.

In comparison, SkyMedTAKES YOU HOME is a complete package that meets the recommendations of the US and Canadian Consulates. While other plans leave the patient stranded at a distant location, SkyMed returns the member, spouse or companion, their children and/or grandchildren, stranded vehicles and pets–to the only place that really matters...home.