Ten years ago, I started in the insurance business knowing nothing about insurance. I thought of an insurance agent like somebody knocking the door with a briefcase and a funny hat, trying to convince the homeowner on buying something they don´t really need, Like brand new knifes, or their 7th encyclopedia set. Through the time, and after a lot of reading, I understood that to invest your money in the insurance, preventing a major loss, is something smart to do. And right after the first time I did handle a check and I received my first “thank you very much!!!” with that sparkling in their eyes, I thought “WOW!!  This is what I want to do, Insurance!”

I knew I wasn't going to change people culture’s over a night.  But I also knew there was more to life than running a business with the thought of just making money.   I wanted to bring peace of mind to the Cabo community, and I wanted to give it eventually to ail of Mexico.  The more we prevent the greater chance we will survive having the best possible quality of life. We did set our insurance office in a little office by Los Patios Hotel, in Los Cabos corridor, and it was not long later, when we moved to Plaza del Rey, in Los Cabos Corridor too, trying to keep your insurance service, close to you and more comfortable.

Through the time we started signing with more and more insurance companies because we understand you want to see options, you want to compare different insurance plans and you want to know who is in the back, being to protect you at the moment you need it the most. In 2008, 2 wonderful gentlemen came along and were interested in this business just when it was for sale. I couldn’t be luckier.  They do not just share my way of think about insurance service is for, but they saw in this insurance office a good opportunity to bring to Cabo what they already have in Mexico City and the rest of the country:  The best place to assist, advice and help on people insurance needs.

In order to keep the service our insurance customers and every single person expect and deserve, we’ve moved our office to the 2nd floor in Wal-Mart center, right above the banks, where you will have no parking problems, we’ve hired more people and invested on their training in Spanish and English, so you can rely on the coverage you are getting here, is, no more, no less; the one you need. As a suit tailor’s made. I have nothing else to say but thank to all of you to join us in this insurance project and thank you to relay in us, those so important things for you, your lovedones and your assets. Have an excellent and enjoyable stay in Cabo. We´ll take care of the rest

Thanks for your confidence

Arandi Torres