Cómo reportar

un siniestro
Solicitar cotización Condiciones 



Where to report a loss or accident.



1.- Call the toll free 01-800 number to report the accident.

D.F. and Metropolitan area
Monday and Friday between 8:30 am and 17:30 pm Hrs.

      Tel. 01 (555) 480 4021, Tel. 01 (555) 480 4016, Tel. 01 (555) 480 4047
Tel. 01 (555) 480 4051, Tel. 01 (555) 480 4059,

2.- Have your policy number reachable.

You will asked to provide:
  • Policy Number.
  • Name of the insured.
  • Date and time of accident.
  • Address of the event.
  • Contact person and Phone.
  • Nature of Loss.
  • Affected Goods.

3.- You should receive a report or claim number you must write down and keep for further references.

If you need extra assistance, you can contact us to this number: 01-52-624-143-1212 ext.1301.
Toll free from US and Canada: 866-376-2289 and/or claims@caboinsurance.com

Documents required for a Bout claim:
Documents required for a Home, Condominium Development, Civil Work Expensives claim:
Documents required for a Bussines claim:
Documents required for a liability claim: